-Italian Proverb

"Homelessness in L.A.:
A National Disgrace
That Must Be Fixed"

-Paul Thornton (LA Times, Mar. 3, 2018)


What's going on?

Palm tree-lined streets, shiny celebrities, & crazy traffic. Those are things almost always associated with Los Angeles. But there's another side to this dynamic & beautiful city that most would rather ignore: the fact that 58,000 of the people living in it are currently experiencing homelessness. 


"Step into the light"

Moondust Luminaries is committed to being a part of the progress to improve this critical situation. We donate a portion of our profits to The Midnight Mission in Downtown LA to provide resources towards our beloved city's growing homeless crisis. When you purchase one of our candles, you are also helping the Midnight Mission provide the types of services that people who are currently experiencing homelessness need the most. don't even need to buy a candle.
You can just...


Why We Love the Midnight Mission

As one of the oldest continuously operating human service organization in the Los Angeles region, The Midnight Mission also runs one of the most efficient direct service operations in the country. 

They believe in treating each person who seeks their services with empathy & respect.  They also help by providing a bridge to self-sufficiency with recovery services, counseling, education, training, workforce development & continued care services, 

With a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, we feel confident about donating our time & money to the Midnight Mission, and hope that you will too!

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