Rich & complex, this versatile blend of essential oils calms the mind while simultaneously lifting the spirit. Vetiver creates a soothing foundation that compliments the mood-enhancing sage, amber, & cedarwood.

Top:  Honey, Bergamot
Middle: Cedarwood, Tobacco
Base: Amber, Tonka



A multifaceted fragrance blend that feels at once mysterious & unknown, while also joyful & strangely familiar.  Moonchild is the hippie inside us all who longs for a simpler lifestyle & more meaningful connections. Warming black pepper & intoxicating patchouli essential oils are deeply rooted in a woodsy base.  The seductive jasmine & playful grapefruit essential oils seem to dance around the honeyed fig top notes.

Top: Black Fig, Wild Jasmine
Middle: Black Pepper, Fresh Citrus
Base: Juniper, Patchouli, Wet Earth



Vibrant pops of orange & eucalyptus awaken the spirit, while the earthy cedarwood & patchouli temper the additional jolt of energy into a focused state of motivation.

Top: Orange Blossom, Pink Peppercorn
Middle: Rosemary, Thyme
Base: Cedarwood, Patchouli



Fresh from the garden with cool mint & warm basil playing right alongside bright notes of lemon & grapefruit.  The refreshing blend of citrus & verdant herbs bring a sense of renewal & energy to the air, while sweet armoise focuses the mind.

Top: Grapefruit, Lemon, Sea Salt
Middle: Basil, Mint, Honey
Base: Earth, Sandalwood



If the Moon Goddess wore a perfume, this would be it.  Peaceful & soothing, this combination of essential oils help tame chaos with their natural calming properties. Often used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, the sweet lavender blends seamlessly with comforting chamomile. Green clover & bright petitgrain keeps the balance clean & fresh, against the rich & woody amber base.

Top: Chamomile, Sweet Water, Neroli
Middle: Lavender, Clover, Oakmoss
Base: Jasmine, Amber, Cypress