We ♥ Moonstone

Moondust Luminaries soy candles are made with premium fragrance oils, pure essential oils, and hand-ground “moonstone”. The coarse powder created from hand-grinding the moonstone is what we infuse into each candle before it leaves our studio. This is what we affectionately refer to as MOONDUST.


Positive Vibes

“Moonstone”, or selenite, is believed to have natural healing properties that help remove toxic energy, while promoting positivity & peace within an individual. We love to add a little into our candles to bring that positive energy into your space.

Moon Magic

Selenite gets its name from the ancient Greek goddess, Selene, & from the word for “moon” or “moon stone”. It’s been found in caves and deposits on every continent & was even used to bring in light as window panes in Rome. Selenite has long been thought of as a natural healer against all kinds of ailments. Since selenite is linked to the moon, it’s believed to connect to the energies of our unconscious & deep instincts. 


Healing History

Many people believe in the balancing, purifying, & cleansing properties associated with this mineral from its storied past. Because of its translucent appearance, it’s used by crystal healers to promote honesty & truth. Whether you believe in its mystical powers or are simply searching for something dynamic, we believe that by bringing in beautiful elements from our earth into our surroundings, we infuse a little vitality & energy into our lives.